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Moving Tips

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Handy Guys Moving will not transport hazardous materials, including explosives, flammable gases and toxic substances. The following items cannot be included in your moving shipment.


  • Ammunition & Firearms

  • Batteries – Alkaline & Lead Based, Automobile Batteries

  • Chemicals or Poisons

  • Lawn & Garden Chemicals, fertilizers (flammable)

  • Household Cleaning Products, especially liquids such as bleach, ammonia, etc. 

  • Flammables and explosives (fireworks & paraffin candles)

  • Illegal items or substances

  • Propane tank for your grill

  • Live animals or plants

  • Gas and oil products

  • Compressed gas cylinders

  • Garage items: paint cans, car battery, oil & gas products, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, aerosol cans



*Please note: Restricted items may be included in your move after thorough preparation by our professional staff. These items will be included at your own risk. 

**Claims for loss or damage from shipping these items may be denied.


  • Specialty Tanks, such as oxygen or those used for welding

  • Oxygen tanks – healthcare

  • Lithium batteries

  • Specialty tools, especially lawn equipment

  • Clean gasoline cans and other fuel storage


At Handy Guys Moving we strongly encourage our clients to transport any item that is sentimental or irreplaceable in their personal vehicle. Too many things can happen during your relocation and misplacing something important could cause you unnecessary stress. Here is a quick list of things you would want to transport yourself.

  • Personal cell phone, chargers, extra batteries

  • Personal laptop, computer including chargers

  • Home Loan information or Rental Agreement

  • Cash, credit cards, checkbooks

  • Guns and ammunition

  • Pets

  • Plants

  • Collectibles, for example a coin collection

  • Family photos and movies

  • Jewelry & Precious metals

  • Heirlooms 

  • Medications

  • Passports & Official ID's

  • Car Title Documentation

  • Financial records

  • Insurance files

  • School records if you have children

  • Children's artwork

  • Personal records

  • Professional files


Did you know that Handy Guys Moving sells all the moving supplies you might need for packing? We have boxes of all sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap and paper. We offer specialty boxes for glassware, mirrors, hanging clothes and art work! No need to run all over town, we've got you covered! Free Local Delivery of Supplies!


Packing a box of your first night essentials will minimize the  hardship of your first night in your new place. You'll want to include bed linens and towels. Also pack medications you take daily, toothbrushes & toothpaste, cleaning products and any electronic chargers. If you are like us, your coffeepot, coffee and sweeteners will be in that box!

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