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Our Services

Traditional Move - Customer packs their own belongings and Handy Guys moves your possessions and furniture from your pick-up address to your drop-off destination.

Traditional Move with Additional Stop - Handy Guys moves your belongings & furniture with an additional stop between your pick-up and destination. We can drop off some of your items at a storage facility or pick up additional belongings.

Pack and Move - Handy Guys will pack and move your belongings & furniture from your pick-up location to your destination.

Pack-Move-UnPack- Handy Guys pack, move and unpack your belongings and furniture. Additional stops can be added to this service.

Load and/or Unload - Handy Guys' team is available to hire for loading & unloading your rented moving truck.

Rearranging of Furniture - Handy Guys' team will move furniture in your home or garage for flooring replacement, painting, etc. We will return to place furniture exactly where you want it.

Picking up & Delivering Heavy Purchases - Hire our team to pickup anything from a jacuzzi tub to a grand piano! We are here to help!

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HANDY GUYS 6997.jpeg
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Residential Moving

Our trained professionals will take the stress out of your local or long distant relocation. We offer traditional and full service moves. Click here for a free estimate. 

Commercial Moving

Moving the contents of your business can require some heavy lifting. Printers, file cabinets, desks and supplies need professional care. Let us box, move and unload your commercial property. Click here for more info.

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Load and/or Unload

If you need help loading and/or unloading your items into a rented moving truck. The professional team of movers at Handy Guys can be hired to assist you.


Do you need a full service traditional move? We can pack, move and unpack all of your possessions for you. Our movers are certified trained professionals.

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