….. Unloading at the move-in destination, is just one step in the many step process of any move.  Planning, preparing, packing, loading, delivery, unloading, unpacking and placement… moving is a detailed, stressful process.  Anyone who’s moved an entire house or office, whatever the distance, knows that this ordeal is packed with details!

What if we told you that a moving, packing, loading and unloading process can be made easier with one phone call? Sounds impossible?  It’s not, at all impossible for The Handy Guys Moving Service… ask any of our customers.  Our customers recommend us to their friends and family for the next move, simply because of how impressed they were with the quality of our work, from scheduling, planning and preparing to the last box moved off the truck!

Helping American families and businesses to move is our company’s core service, with a focus on serving one customer at a time.  Ease the load, have us do it all, of if you just need packing, loading, delivery, or unpacking.

We can help you reduce the stress of moving.

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