Handling Fragile Goods…

….. can be an ordeal packed with stress, and handling fragile goods brings with it additional stress, for an already stressful task.  Planning and execution of even a local move can be a hectic and chaotic process, with many details overlooked.  The Handy Guys Moving Service team are the moving detail professionals

Attention to detail with fragile, and precious personal belongings, is an art.  From wrapping, protecting to careful and thought packing, loading and unloading, from a grand piano, to crystal ware, or a family heirloom, Handy Guys Moving Service gets it right for every item!

What if we told you that a moving, packing and loading process can be stress-free? Sounds impossible? It’s not. Just ask the  customers who refer us to friends and family for their next move, simply because of how impressed they were with our quality of work, pace and attention to detail!

Helping American families and businesses to move is our company’s core service…

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