Ancillary Services

Handy Guys Moving Services, is a structurally flexible moving service, ready to adapt our moving services to your specific needs.  Moving the family home, businesses, equipment, fixtures, appliances, furnishings and personal belongings is our core service.  But, we recognize that moving is more than just transporting goods from one location to another.

Moving can land on your doorstep unexpectedly, but urgency can demand that moving takes place right now! Maybe it is a better job, a better location for your business, or the house sold sooner than expected and the new owners want occupancy, now.  It happens!

Anyone who has ever attempted to move a home or a business from one location to another, whatever the distance between the two locations may be, knows moving can be a challenge ‘packed with stress’!

Handy Guys Moving Services, has the absolute right moving supplies, and the right moving teams with the right skill-set, to do the ‘what-ever needs to be done’ packing, loading, unloading, moving, or any other task that accompanies all moves.  Handy Guys Moving, knows what you need, and how to lighten the stresses of moving to a new location.

When you find yourself right in the middle of a hectic and chaotic relocation, you need help so you can focus on the other demands for your time and attention.  Schedule your move with us…  [251] 366-4897

Regardless of how early you need us to arrive or how far away you'll be moving your belongings, we are always ready for the job!